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RSA is pleased to announce that we have designed, analyzed, successfully crash tested, patented, fabricated and supplied to the U.S. Department of State the RSA/K&C K12 Surface Mount Bollard System.

RSA Responds:

  • The Department of Homeland security requests a K12 Surface Mount Bollard product
  • The Department of State purchases the first major sets of the product
  • The Federal Government Funds the ASTM crash test with a Certified M50, P1 result
  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office awards RSA the world’s first Surface Mount Bollards patent.

RSA is pleased to announce its latest breakthrough security product – Surface Mounted Perimeter Security Bollards requiring zero excavation, adhesives or ground anchors – while providing top level counter-terrorist protection. This world’s first just earned the coveted ASTM M50-P1 (DOS K12) certified rating in a US Government sponsored crash test by stopping a 15,000 lbs. vehicle traveling 50 MPH in less than 1 meter!

Rick Adler, President, RSA Protective Technologies, LLC.

Download the Data
DOS K12 ASTM Test Report K12 Presentation K12 Installation Sequence


Innovation and Responsibility: RSA is proud to be the only physical security manufacturer to continually question, test and ultimately pass rigorous U.S. Government certification requirements for its products.


Avoid unnecessary engineering studies. RSA supplies all the test data, plot plans, and engineering included in the bollard price. The only way to be sure that your facility or client is getting real perimeter protection is with an RSA field tested product. Without that your insurance liability is in jeopardy even if the units are already in the ground!

Working with RSA/K&C provides you and your clients the only proven technology with field tested certified shallow mount bollards.

Our Perimeter Security Solutions Comprise:

  • Facility and perimeter security risk assessment
  • Engineering site analyses of conditions, materials and soil composition
  • Seamless architectural design integration and building aesthetics
  • Design drawings, specifications and cost estimates for materials and installation
  • Complete custom manufacturing of units, delivered to the site ready for instant installation
  • Installation oversight and inspection

Sample successes include the complete design, fabrication and installation oversight of shallow mount bollards for:

  • the United Nations, NYC
  • the headquarters of CitiGroup, NYC
  • the headquarters of Prudential, Newark, NJ
  • the headquarters of Verizon, Basking Ridge, NJ
  • the headquarters of Caterpillar, Peoria, IL
  • the headquarters of Comcast, Philadelphia, PA
  • the headquarters of the IRS, Philadelphia, PA
  • the headquarters of the EPA, Denver, CO
  • Federal Courthouse, Los Angeles, CA
  • Federal Reserve Bank, Houston, TX
  • and, many other iconic buildings in the US and abroad

RSA Protective Technologies

Force protection for perimeter security is an essential aspect of planning for the protection of public and private building facilities. RSA offers U.S. Federal Government tested and certified anti-ram and blast products to aid against large vehicle intrusions.

RSA's manufactured product lines include counter-terrorist blast walls, large vehicle anti-ram walls and ultra-shallow foundation bollard pad systems. Combinations of these with other RSA patented devices guarantee a full security solution for all facilities requiring force protection.

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May 1, 2015
RSA Protects the U.N.
We are proud to announce RSA was chosen to protect the United Nations Headquarters in New York City with over 300 of our strongest Department of State Certified Shallow Mount Bollards. Click here to see photos of this installation.

December 11, 2012
RSA in New York City
RSA is pleased to announce an iconic NYC building protected with RSA/K&C Shallow Mount Bollards: The Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Click here to see photos of this installation.

August 1, 2012
RSA is Awarded a Second Approved Patent for its Shallow Mount Bollards
This second approved patent document is considered a "continuation in part"...Read more...

January 25, 2012
RSA is Awarded Contract, Passes ASTM M50 P1 Crash Test - World’s First K12 Surface Mount Bollard System for Federal Government Testing
This breakthrough product is designed to stop a 15,000 lbs truck traveling at 50 mph – with NO excavation...Read more...

November 10, 2010
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Announcing U.S. Patent No. 7,699,558
RSA Protective Technologies is proud to announce the award by the United States Patent and Trademark Office... Read more...

January 20, 2010
Marine West Expo, Camp Pendleton, California
Visit RSA at Booth #90 at the Marine West Expo in Camp Pendleton from January 27-28, 2010. Read more...

October 20, 2009
RSA's Curb-It™ Vehicle Barrier is Showcased in Commercial Building Products Magazine
The newest product line of RSA, the Curb-It™ Vehicle Barrier, has made the news. Read more...

September 1, 2009
Introducing Curb-It™Vehicle Barrier, the Instant, One-Man Deployable Bollard System (With Video to Prove It!)
Once again, RSA is the industry leader in inventive protection technology that saves lives. Curb-It™Vehicle Barrier surface mount bollard is a factory manufactured single piece three bollard structure that is installed on the sidewalk by bolting the unit into the front face of the curb. Read more...

Download Our Shallow Mount Bollards Brochures

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RSA Shallow Mount Bollards
Complete engineered bollard layout included in bollard pricing. No field welding or custom transition coupling pieces required. Why risk your project on unspecified groupings of “commodity” straight bollards with expensive site welding requiring weld inspection for each bollard? The RSA way works with sophisticated installation shop drawings that must be client signed off even before steel production.

Most sites include manholes, electrical vaults, variations in elevations, corners, etc. With RSA’s customized turnkey solutions, also signed off by our Engineers of Record every installation we undertake is guaranteed to be perfectly seated.

Also important to note is that although the DOS crash test only requires a 90 degree strike one cannot count on this in the field. A perimeter attack can come at any angle. Therefore calculated, structural horizontal members must be included in any design to thwart these events against your building. RSA is the only company in the world that custom designs each bollard pad with these issues in mind. Download our PDF brochures above and see the process for yourself.

All RSA/K&C shallow mount bollards have been field crash tested against a single bollard and have a 4.0’ clear opening between bollards.