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About RSA Protective Technologies

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RSA Protective Technologies is at the forefront of the Perimeter Security Industry with customized package solutions for critical facility protection. Currently the U.S. design/manufacturing and installation leader in the Perimeter Security Industry and as a provider of physical barrier solutions of up to a K52 rating, RSA offers the only fixed, shallow foundation anti-ram bollards with up to a K12 rating. The unique design of these bollard pad systems, tested and certified by the US Department of State and US Department of Defense can result in up to 60% cost savings on installation.

RSA provides the highest-rated government tested perimeter security solutions available today-and is the only company on the Department of State List of Certified Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers that provides a fixed, shallow mount bollard system with a K4, K8 and K12 rating.

All RSA systems have been analyzed by experienced and reputable blast and structural engineers, most notably Karagozian & Case of Burbank, California. K&C is a co-designer of the RSA/K&C Anti-Ram Foundation Bollard Pad System.

Adler Blast Wall™

Adler Blast Wall™ The first perimeter security system devised by RSA Protective Technologies was the Adler Blast Wall. In a government funded and certified test, the Adler Blast Wall withstood a 1,000 lbs. charge at a 6' standoff against the surface mounted 9' tall steel and concrete blast wall structure. The charge was 20,000 psi, more energy than the Oklahoma City Bombing. The net effect was the center unit canted back approximately 22 degrees, there was no secondary fragmentation and the target building overpressures were reduced by 90%.

Adler Anti-Ram Wall

Adler Anti-Ram Wall™ Subsequently RSA was funded by the DOE to produce and test an anti-ram wall. The Adler Anti-Ram Wall is a 4' tall structure x 18" wide base to 24" wide. The wall stopped dead a 65,000 lb. vehicle (30,000 lbs. tandem axle dump truck vehicle with 35,000 lbs. ballast of concrete) hurtling towards it at 51.4 mph. The penetration was negative 3'-meaning the truck was bounced back in its path.

RSA/K&C Foundation Bollard Pad

Foundation Bollard Pad™ Following this success, RSA proceeded to design a better, fixed bollard system. Using shallow mounts (6" to 14") with a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated pad of integral bollards 3' , 4' or 5' on center, RSA devised a K4, K8 and K12 bollard pad system. The RSA/K&C Anti-Ram Foundation Bollard Pad system was tested November 2004 and certified January 2005 by the Department of State. The K4 test was held at Pennsylvania Transportation Institute where the Foundation Bollard Pad withstood the 15,000 lb. vehicular onslaught at 30mph. with only a 5 3/8 inch single bollard deflection. The truck penetration was negative 9 feet and ˝ inch. The truck was demolished.

Since that time, additional crash tests have proven the total stopping power of the RSA/K&C Anti-Ram Foundation Bollard Pad System. Check for the latest tests and their results in RSA's News section or the Video Section of the Foundation Bollard Pad System.

The RSA/K&C Anti-Ram Foundation Bollard Pads are built off-line and delivered to the site ready for quick installation. Because the pad installation does not require a deep trench, forms and massive concrete pours, the savings can be up to 60%.

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